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Gyms Near Me - Finding a Gym near Englewood New Jersey

Updated: Feb 4

Where are the best gyms in Englewood, New Jersey? This article will review various gyms near Englewood that offer gym memberships and gym deals. Are you looking for a place to lift weights on your own or are you the type to do fitness group classes or personal training? We will explore all of these options. Besides Englewood, there are many great gyms near Fort Lee and other neighboring cities. These places vary in size, fitness classes, and prices. We will also look for the gyms with the best prices for memberships. Bergen County has something for everybody: whether you are a hardcore bodybuilder or someone who is just looking to maintain your health, every gym in Bergen County has its own unique qualities and attributes that cater to different demographics. Also there are a variety of gyms that offer specialties like gymnastics, basketball training, dance classes, boxing, kickboxing, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Barre and much more. Often times these classes are included in the gym membership. If you are looking for a 24 Hour gym near Englewood, then Champion Gym is your only option. Champion Gym is located at 35 s. Van Brunt St, Englewood NJ 07631. We have personally tried each of these gyms so our opinions are based on personal experience.

1. Champion Gym and NBI Fitness in Englewood

Champion Gym is a membership and personal training gym in Englewood New Jersey. They are a private and exclusive gym fully equipped with cardio machines, squat racks, weights, strength training machines, boxing equipment, functional machines and much more. Champion Gym is located at 35 s. Van brunt St in Englewood in a 5000 sq. ft warehouse. Since it is a private gym, this is the place to be if you’re looking for an uncrowded gym to workout in. Also the ownership and management is very responsive and will look out for your best interests; if you have any questions or concerns they are only a phone call away and they do a good job keeping the gym clean and organized. They also have dedicated parking spaces as well as plenty of street parking nearby. They offer gym membership deals with a price range around $50 to $60 per month with no contract and no fees. This is a great gym membership deal because most commercial gyms force you to pay an Initiation Fee and Annual Fee which can cost an additional few hundred dollars; they also try to force you into a binding contract for up to a year. Champion Gym offers gym memberships on a no contract basis: you simply pay month-to-month and you have the freedom to cancel with notice. Champion Gym also offers a special 24/7 access membership for those who are looking for a 24 Hour gym. This gym also has a team of elite personal trainers specializing in all areas of Health and Fitness. On your search for a gym near me, you will find that most gyms offer free day passes or free trial sessions for prospective members. NBI Fitness is the parent company of Champion Gym and shares the same gym space. NBI Fitness offers personal training at Champion Gym as well as in-home personal training for residents of Bergen County. NBI Fitness personal trainers are all certified or have bachelor or master degrees in Exercise Science or Kinesiology. The fitness trainers are weight loss specialists and can also help with building muscle (bodybuilding); many of the trainers here are champion bodybuilders and national level athletes. The gym also has boxing trainers who can also do kickboxing and MMA private lessons. There is a dedicated boxing room in Champion Gym which is used for boxing and kickboxing private lessons. If you’re not just looking for an Englewood gym but you are looking for a personal trainer in Bergen County to work with you at your home, NBI Fitness can send a trainer to your location and they offer free trial sessions to start which is a great way to make sure the trainer is a good fit for you. 

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2. Other Gyms Near Me - 24 Hour Fitness Englewood Cliffs

The 24 Hour Fitness gym is a large commercial gym located at 150 Sylvan Ave in Englewood Cliffs. It is a very popular gym due to its large size, fitness classes, swimming pool and location. The downside is that the gym gets extremely crowded and busy. The price range is between $50 to $60 per month depending on membership type. They have a variety of different membership levels with different benefits. Despite its name, this gym is not open 24 hours. They also offer personal training which costs around $100 per session. The fitness classes offered include cycling, yoga and zumba classes. These group fitness classes get booked up quickly so its best to sign up or show up for them early to secure a spot. 24 Hour Fitness is a franchise and depending on the membership type you get, you may get access to other 24 Hour Fitness gyms in other cities; they also offer free day passes if you go online to their website. If you're looking for a more private gym near me, check out Champion Gym in Englewood for a more exclusive and non-crowded workout environment.

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3. Other Gyms Near Me - Retro Fitness Fort Lee 

Retro Fitness is very similar in structure as 24 Hour Fitness but slightly cheaper; they are located at 2 Executive Dr in Fort Lee. There are plenty of parking spaces near the gym entrance. The gym hours are between 5am to 11pm. They offer personal training and group fitness classes as well. This is a newer construction (more new than the 24 Hour Fitness Englewood Cliffs). Just like 24 Hour Fitness, this gym does get very crowded and busy. If you are looking for an Englewood gym that is quieter, then Champion Gym is a better option. If you are looking for a gym near Tenafly, there is also a Retro Fitness in Tenafly located at 103 N. Summit St, Tenafly NJ 07670. This Retro Fitness is smaller than Retro Fitness Fort Lee but offers all the essentials for a fitness center when it comes to weights, cardio machines, fitness classes, and other amenities. 

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4. Planet Fitness Near Me around Englewood

There is a Planet Fitness located at 251 Broad Ave, Fairview NJ 07022. This is a very popular and crowded gym due to its cheap gym memberships priced at either $10 or $20 per month. Planet Fitness has all the basics when it comes to a commercial gym: dumbbells that go up to 75 lbs, treadmills, stairmasters, ellipticals and weight training machines. If you are avid gym goer, this may not be the gym for you since they only carry the most basic machines. They have something called a “Lunk Alarm” which sounds off every time you drop your weights on the floor. This can be discouraging for many gym members since it is very annoying. Also Planet Fitness serves Pizza and Bagels every month as a complementary service. It seems counterintuitive to serve junk food for free at a gym where people are trying to get healthy and maintain a health bodyweight. Planet Fitness does not offer any fitness classes, but they do have tanning beds. If you are looking for tanning near me in Fort Lee, then this gym might be a great option for you. Also the membership price is so cheap that it might even be worth paying for just to use the tanning salons if that’s your thing. The downside to this gym is that it gets extremely crowded in the morning and the evening - it gets so busy that you may need to wait in line to use gym equipment. If you are looking for a gym that is not crowded, you would probably be more interested in joining Champion Gym in Englewood. Champion Gym is a private gym and offers limited gym memberships in order to keep the gym less crowded. Champion Gym is primarily a personal training gym, but they offer gym memberships as well. If you’re looking for a gym near englewood, then Champion Gym has the best gym deals and discounted membership rates.

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5. Fitness Factory in Palisades Park - Gyms near Englewood

Fitness Factory is located at 15 Grand Ave #2, Palisades Park NJ 07650. The gym is located in a historic building and due its age, the construction needs a lot of work. Just like 24 Hour Fitness, Retro Fitness and Planet Fitness, Fitness Factory is a franchise gym and gets very busy in the mornings and the evenings. If you are looking for a gym near Edgewater, there is a Fitness Factory located at 521 River Rd, Edgewater NJ 07020. The Edgewater gym is a newer construction and therefore might be more appealing for some. Fitness Factory is a fully-equipped gym and has a mix of newer and older equipment. For the average gym goer, this may not seem like a big deal but for a veteran gym member, they may appreciate the old-fashioned equipment more. There is no swimming pool amenity here unlike 24 Hour Fitness. They do not offer many gym membership deals at Fitness Factory unless it is a special occasion like New Years. The gym membership prices are comparable to 24 Hour Fitness. If you are looking for an Englewood gym, this is a decent option. 

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Find a Personal Trainer Near Me with NBI Fitness

NBI Fitness is the leading nationwide provider of in-home and gym personal training services with trainers and locations throughout California, New York, New Jersey and much more. Check out personal trainer near me to see if we have a trainer for you in your city. NBI Fitness specializes in weight loss, body fat reduction, body recomposition, muscle toning, bodybuilding, powerlifting, strength training, weight lifting, yoga, corrective exercise, prenatal and postpartum training, rehabilitation, elderly and youth training, boxing, kickboxing, MMA, soccer, swimming, nutrition, mobility and flexibility, military and police training and much more. We offer flexible location options: we can train at your home or apartment gym, at a local gym (we are partnered with various fitness studios in every city), outdoors, at your corporate office or event, or virtual. Get started today by signing up for a free trial session or send a text/call us at 201.970.5533 for an instant response. We will get back to you right away :)

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