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Personal Trainer Brooklyn - 5 Best Qualities of a Trainer

Updated: Feb 4

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Brooklyn? This article will help you pick the right trainer based on 5 of the top qualities to look for. We will break it down one by one so you can go thru the checklist. Selecting the right trainer is not an easy task: this is someone who you will be spending a substantial amount of time with on a weekly basis. Sometimes you might meet with this person two, three or even four times a week. You may even end up spending more time working with a trainer than you see your own family. Therefore you must be wise when making your selection. Of course if things do not work out you can always hire someone else and sever the relationship. But it’s always better to get started on the right foot so you will make progress and not waste time. If this is your first time hiring a Brooklyn personal trainer then read on! 

1. Trainer Certification and Education

Your trainer has to know what he is doing. Like anything in life, you want to hire a professional who has the proper qualifications. For example, you would not trust a surgeon to work on you if he never went to medical school. Fitness training education comes in many forms. The most common qualification comes from Personal Trainer Certification which has many accredited sources: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), International Sports Science Association (ISSA), American Sports and Fitness (ASFA), National Personal Training Institute (NPTI), National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF), American Council of Exercise (ACE),  and many more. These certifications require hundreds of hours of study and exams that can be done in person or online. Some exams cover specialty topics such as: prenatal, postpartum, corrective exercise, elderly and youth training, and much more. It is hard to say which certification is best since each one has its own unique curriculum. The common denominator is learning how to train effectively and safely. These certifications also have expiration dates that require the trainer to re-educate himself every few years and take recertification courses. This is to ensure that the certificate holder stays updated with the latest technologies, trends and knowledge in the fitness industry. The certification process is not cheap either: this ensures that the trainer is heavily invested in his education and will take it seriously. Keep this in mind when considering personal training Brooklyn. 

Many trainers will go the extra step and go to a 4-year college and pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, Kinesiology or Exercise Physiology. An exercise science degree studies the human physiology and how the human body works. Physiology studies the chemistry and physics involved in essential bodily functions on a molecular level to how the ligaments, organs and muscles work together to produce movement. Kinesiology focuses on the science of human movement and how physical activity and sport affects our lives and communities. Exercise physiology is the study of the human body’s response to physical activities. These responses include changes in metabolism, structural changes in cells and organs. Many universities also offer Masters programs in these areas of study as well. The curriculum for these degrees are extremely rigorous and if you find a Brooklyn personal trainer who has one of these then you can be assured that he knows exactly what he’s doing. 

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2. Experience 

There is no better teacher than experience. As mentioned before, certification and education is essential but it cannot hold weight unless the trainer also has experience. How many years of experience does the trainer need? This is debatable. There is no standard amount of time needed to understand how to train someone properly. Some trainers have been personal training Brooklyn for over 10 years but are not as good as an entry level trainer who has dedicated himself more in a shorter amount of time. Before you hire a personal trainer Brooklyn, be sure to ask him how many years of professional experience he has. It might also be useful to ask him if he has ever worked for a gym. If he has worked at a different gym every year for the past 10 years, it could be a sign that he is unstable in various ways which is a red flag. If the trainer is entry level, it may well be worth a try since many entry level trainers possess the hunger and drive to serve their clients as best as possible.

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3. Work Ethics of a Personal Trainer in Brooklyn

Many of these qualities we are discussing in this article cannot exist without one another. Excellent work ethics is definitely a requirement; even if the trainer is the most certified, educated and experienced person, all these mean nothing if he does not show up, is late all the time, or reschedules on you. Unfortunately, it is difficult to judge one’s character from the first meeting to determine if this person will not be punctual. What you can do is run a google search on the trainer or company’s name and read reviews to see what others have experienced. You should also ask the trainer what his reschedule and cancellation policy consists of. And you should definitely make it clear that the policy should work both ways: your Brooklyn Personal Trainer needs to provide proper notice if he cancels or reschedules and if client’s are penalized for late canceling then there should be repercussions set up to protect client’s in the event that the trainer cancels. 

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4. Personality 

You should always request a free trial session first with your personal trainer Brooklyn in order to find out if his personality matches well with you. There is nothing worse than having to see the same trainers multiple times a week and dreading every meeting and getting annoyed by that person. Once you properly vet the trainer and find that he is well-qualified and experienced, it is time to see if his personality vibes well with you. Some clients would prefer a drill sergeant approach while others want a more patient and gentle training style. It is important to make it clear to the trainer during the trial what you are looking for. If the trainer is an instant match, then there is no need to express those preferences. If the trainer is not a perfect fit but you want to give him a chance, then maybe it would be best to tell him what you are looking for in terms of style. This is not the same as telling the trainer how to train you. If the trainer is open-minded and understanding, he will listen to your preferences and make adjustments accordingly. If you are looking to hire a personal trainer Brooklyn, contact NBI Fitness today and check out the main page for a list of local personal trainer profiles and locations.

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5. Professionalism

Once you have property vetted the trainer, went through a free trial session and now officially signed up for a package, it is time to get to work. Throughout the course of your training time with your Brooklyn personal trainer, you will get to know the trainer’s professionalism fairly quickly. Work ethics is a major part of professionalism but there are other important factors as well. The trainer must keep his word, be honest and have integrity. These are character traits that will be revealed during difficult times. The road to achieving your fitness goals is paved with ups and downs and it is during these downtimes that your personal trainer’s true professionalism will shine. Keep this in mind while you’re working with your personal trainer Brooklyn and feel free to contact NBI Fitness to get connected with local personal trainers who best fit your needs.

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Hire a Personal Trainer Today with NBI Fitness

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