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Personal Trainer Jersey City - Why a Planet Fitness Near Me?

Updated: Feb 4

Planet Fitness, for most people looking for a gym, is a great option in terms of pure affordability. For $10 a month, you have access to a huge gym with basically everything you need. Arguably, for more seasoned weightlifters, Planet Fitness does not have enough heavy weights or even any barbells for that matter (only Smith Machine) to provide the type of quality workout you can get elsewhere. This article will review the pros and cons of this gym, its history and what it means in today’s fitness society. If you are looking for a personal trainer Jersey City, then Planet Fitness is not the place to look as they do not have any private trainers for any 1 on 1 training. Some locations will have a gym trainer who can give you an orientation on how to use certain exercise machines but cannot provide any meaningful and ongoing private training like most other gyms. If you are searching for a Jersey City personal trainer, then contact us here at NBI Fitness and we will pair you with a local certified personal trainer who can work with you at a private studio or gym in Jersey City. 

1. Planet Fitness History

Planet Fitness is a franchise that began in 1992 and today has over 2500+ clubs worldwide. Their motto is “a Judgment Free Zone” as they cater to a particular cohort of gym members who, perceiving himself as “average,”is searching for a moderate workout regimen and environment without the expectation of athletic achievement. Planet Fitness began in Sunrise, Florida where they admittedly marketed towards the first-time and occasional gym goers. For most of the population, taking the first step in any exercise program let alone weight loss program is very daunting. The Planet Fitness brand prides itself on championing the average citizen who is perceived to be out of shape, obese and non-athletic yet understands the importance of health and fitness and its role in longevity and possibly quality of life. It is a well-known fact that barely 20% of gym members who sign up actually go to the gym for which they paid. The Planet Fitness business model relies on this fact: if all the gym’s members actually showed up simultaneously, then maximum capacity would be reached rather quickly and there would be no meaningful way to actually workout. Nevertheless, the absurdly low price of $10 per month is a risk that most people are willing to take. If you already have a personal trainer Jersey City, joining a Planet Fitness might be a decent option to supplement your private fitness training. You can always ask your NBI Fitness personal trainer or other Jersey City personal trainer for workouts to do on your own time which can easily be done at a nearby Planet Fitness. 

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2. Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm

Planet Fitness hangs a Lunk Alarm above the dumbbells usually which starts blaring whenever a member drops a weight or shouts. This is meant to discourage such behavior which is deemed as intimidating. The gym tries to make a gimmick out of the Lunk Alarm but it is often more of a nuisance than what it is trying to deter. Also it has been argued that the existence of the Lunk Alarm and the punishment that ensues is judgemental and discriminatory in itself. Often times staff members have control over the alarm and can make it sound at will. Also the gym is trying to promote the idea that members who drop weights are doing so intentionally and with malicious intent. If these ideas bother you, then Planet Fitness may not be the best place to look for a Jersey City personal trainer or Jersey City gym membership. 

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3. Amenities, Benefits and Gym Deals - Personal Trainer Jersey City

In your search for a personal trainer near me or gym deals near me, you might discover that Planet Fitness prices are unbeatable. For about $20 per month, you can get access to all their gyms nationwide and you get a Black Card which allows you to bring in a guest every time for free. The gym is always running promotions where you can sign up for $0 down or $0 initiation fees. Generally speaking, most planet fitness gyms have tanning beds, massage chairs, hydromassage chairs, and deals on supplements and drinks. You will not find Jersey City personal trainers here, but some gyms have on-duty trainers who can answer any questions and show you how to use the equipment as requested. 

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4. Planet Fitness Business Model

If you search for a Planet Fitness near me on google and you live in the United States, you will most likely find a Planet Fitness gym near you. Planet Fitness is a franchise which means any qualified candidate could own a Planet Fitness gym and brand for themselves. The gym is arguably very lean and runs on low cost amenities which in turns lowers the total operational costs. For example, there are no personal training programs to pay for, no swimming pools or basketball courts, and no fitness classes. The gym relies on volume which is achieved through their very low pricing tiers. Planet Fitness does not suffer a capacity problem because just like most gyms, not even 20% of the total gym members actually show up on a daily or meaningfully consistent basis. You won’t find any personal trainers Jersey City location, or at any other location unfortunately; the Planet Fitness business model solely focuses on gathering as many low paying members as possible. 

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5. Is Planet Fitness a Good Gym Deal?

For the average gym goer who is looking for an affordable gym that provides all the essentials, Planet Fitness is a great gym deal. The Black Card Membership runs almost $25 per month and gives you access to all Planet Fitness gyms nationwide. This is useful for those who travel alot or gym members who like to workout at different locations for the variety. Anyone can get in a great workout at Planet Fitness even though they lack dumbbells heavier than 70 lbs and barbells. You get what you pay for. Planet Fitness with its super affordable pricing tends to attract exactly the type of customers they are looking for: members who do not go to the gym frequently and who want to pay as little as possible. If you are looking for personal training Jersey City, your best option is look outside of Planet Fitness and contact us here at NBI Fitness. Our personal trainers Jersey City can work with you at various private training gyms locally that are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. 

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Find a Personal Trainer Near Me with NBI Fitness

NBI Fitness is the leading nationwide provider of in-home and gym personal training services with trainers and locations throughout California, New York, New Jersey and much more. Check out personal trainer near me to see if we have a trainer for you in your city. NBI Fitness specializes in weight loss, body fat reduction, body recomposition, muscle toning, bodybuilding, powerlifting, strength training, weight lifting, yoga, corrective exercise, prenatal exercise, postpartum exercise, rehabilitation, senior fitness, youth fitness, boxing, kickboxing, MMA, soccer, swimming, nutrition, mobility and flexibility, and much more. We offer flexible location options: we can train at your home or apartment gym, at a local gym (we are partnered with various fitness studios in every city), outdoors, at your corporate office or event, or virtual. Get started today by signing up for a free trial session or send a text/call us at 201.970.5533 for an instant response. We will get back to you right away :)

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